Should you commend a worker’s performance? [Watch this VIDEO first]

Introducing Dr. Harold Kerzner’s “Project Management Tip of the Day” video series, in his own words:

The “Tip of the Day” videos are short best practices which I have used and am still using. They are based upon real-world situations designed hopefully to make your job easier as a project manager. I hope you enjoy them. And feel free to provide feedback if you wish.

-Dr. Harold Kerzner

Do you have any thoughts or comments about the videos? Care to share?

Please leave me a comment below!  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Should you commend a worker’s performance? [Watch this VIDEO first]

  1. I rather had all the projects than to give it to any other whom I don’t even know. I’d rather choose an app rather than a co-worker which will just possibly commit an error and else you only had wasted your money on them. But I guess there are some people who really are good but it’s hard and either takes time before you can see those people for your projects.

  2. I guess we should refrain from having a co-worker which works for our convenience, it’s better to load up your day with work and end up tired than to commit some discrepancy over your project. Or if you can’t deal with it then I use some tool to help you get through with this like this blueprint in particular.

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